About Su

I am Suicide Artist. I "detonate" art, not bombs. I paint the bloody flux of daily events to respond to anger, fear, nihilism, desperation, and absurdity. Suicide Art confronts murder and mayhem through ARTnotBOMBS. I make art by destroying art in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.


calarts det 7.jpg

Suicide Artist Detonates at CalArts

Suicide Artist had her first successful public detonation of art at the Interdisciplinary Show at California Institute of the Arts on November 13. As special guest artist, the work of Suicide was detonated amidst the liveart livemusic of many Calartians. The det went smoothly as planned and no civilians were killed or injured. Only the art was ripped -- well, maybe a few artists as the night went on........

calarts det 6.jpg
calarts det 2.jpg