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I am Suicide Artist. I "detonate" art, not bombs. I paint the bloody flux of daily events to respond to anger, fear, nihilism, desperation, and absurdity. Suicide Art confronts murder and mayhem through ARTnotBOMBS. I make art by destroying art in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.


Another one down.....

Jerome T Marshall, 17, was murdered Tuesday afternoon in the District. His mother Denise Marshall told the Post that her son was a smart, mature teenager who helped her as well as his four younger siblings. He wanted to be an electrician.....

Another one down..... wear-a-wound to remember him.......


"Here, take my head instead......"

margaret hassan.jpg

Margaret Hassan, the director of CARE International in Iraq, was kidnapped last week in Baghdad. A native of Ireland, Hassan is married to an Iraqi and has lived in the country for 30 years where she works to better the lives of ordinary Iraqis. As soon as the news broke, Suicide Artist contacted Tony Blair and begged him to comply with the demands of the kidnappers. “Send the soldiers home,” she pleaded. “Save their lives and save Margaret. Get your people out of this bloody mess. Face it, Tony, the only thing Bush is good at is lying.”

This morning as Suicide Artist stood in her kitchen making sandwiches for her children to take to school, she received the message that the British Prime Minister was indisposed to her request. She tearfully kissed her children and told them to leave the room. She raised the bread knife to her throat and began to cut. A neighbor heard her scream, “Here, take this Tony Blair, take this George Bush, take this you dirty terrorists, take my head instead and free Margaret Hussan!”


Over 3000 Iraqis have been killed in the past 6 months

Over 3000 Iraqis have been killed in the past 6 months
Dina Mohammed Hussein, a TV reporter for Al Huriya was killed last week in Baghdad, according to NYT. She was gunned down in front of her apartment while she waited for her ride to work. Three men drove by in a blue Oldsmobile. As one of the men wielding a Kalashnikov fired in her face, he yelled "Collaborator! Collaborator!"

"You could no longer recognize her features," a colleague said. "We use to joke to her that she should use the money she had saved to fix her teeth and get married, but because she was an orphan, she felt she needed to hold on to her money."


No more kebabs at Hajji Hussein

According to the NYTimes an American warplane flattened Hajji Hussein, Falluja's most popular restaurant famous for its kabobs. 46 Iraqis were killed. The military claimed HH was a gathering place for terrorists. Ali Hussein, the owner, whose father founded the restaurant and who lost his son and his nephew in the attack denied the charges. "This is a well-known restaurant in midtown," said Mr Hussein. "We have a lot of people always going in and out. No one can hide in here. We are on the main street. How could there be any Zarqawi people inside?"


"Please help me. I am dying," pleaded the reporter Mazin Tumaisi

help me.jpg

On Friday the Washington Post reported that "a U.S. military helicopter swooped into Baghdad and began spraying bullets into a crowd of civilians believed to be looting an Army armored vehicle." The last words of Mazin Tumaisi, a journalist for al-Arabiya, were recorded on a video that was shown on his network and on al-Jazeera. Alhurra TV, the US-funded network, chose not to air the video.


22 kids murdered and counting.....

Shawn J. Riley, who was 15 years old, is the 16th child to be murdered in the District this year by gunfire as reported in the Metro section of the Post today.

wound copy.jpg wear-a-wound to remember him ...


Baghdad Sewer Plant Opening Ceremony Is Target of Attack

"School is closed because of all the attacks. I just wanted some candy," screamed little Ahmed, a six-year-old victim of the attack.