About Su

I am Suicide Artist. I "detonate" art, not bombs. I paint the bloody flux of daily events to respond to anger, fear, nihilism, desperation, and absurdity. Suicide Art confronts murder and mayhem through ARTnotBOMBS. I make art by destroying art in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.


No more kebabs at Hajji Hussein

According to the NYTimes an American warplane flattened Hajji Hussein, Falluja's most popular restaurant famous for its kabobs. 46 Iraqis were killed. The military claimed HH was a gathering place for terrorists. Ali Hussein, the owner, whose father founded the restaurant and who lost his son and his nephew in the attack denied the charges. "This is a well-known restaurant in midtown," said Mr Hussein. "We have a lot of people always going in and out. No one can hide in here. We are on the main street. How could there be any Zarqawi people inside?"